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Papers of Distinction specialises in wedding invitations and invitations for the special occasions in your life.

Our invitation stationery has been selected for some of Australia’s most prestigious weddings and social events, including the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and the Department of the Prime Minister of Australia. We have designed and manufactured beautifully embossed wedding invitations and stationery for other occasions for the past 25 years.

Our wedding invitation designs include a range of beautifully embossed invitation cards and papers which reflect traditional, modern and unique themes for your special day.

All of our invitations are available with matching RSVP cards and envelopes, Order of Service covers, (sometimes called Church Book covers), table place cards, bombonniere cards (favours tags), wishing well cards, gift registry cards, save the date cards, thank you cards and menu cards.

Go to our Gallery to view our Wedding Invitation Range.

Wording suggestions for your wedding invitation stationery is available in the ‘Wording’ menu or if you contact us our friendly staff will be happy to assist with your invitation wording. Our personalised stationery range makes the perfect gift

If you have any questions please email us or call us on 0425 706 219.

If you prefer that we telephone you, email us your contact details.