Wording Guide - Thank You Card

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It is correct etiquette to send your guests a thank you card and it is also a lovely surprise for your guests to receive a special thank you card from the bride and groom after the wedding day.

You may prefer to just have the word “Thank You” printed at the top of the card and the bride and groom’s names at the bottom – this gives you plenty of space for a hand written message.

We can also print a full thank you message and position it to allow you to hand write each guest’s name or we can print guest names above the message.

The message is such that it does not necessarily require the guest name at all if you prefer.

(or dotted line to write the guest name)

We thank you for your lovely gift and for
joining with us in celebrating the most
important day of our lives,
our wedding day

Catherine & Michael
15th June 2016